Their dream was to create meaningful, timeless jewelry collections that could be passed down through generations. If art propels consciousness, then Juman Pearls designs unique Arabesque pieces inspired by Palestine, deepening the connection that can be had with this priceless land through such craftsmanship. Evolving into special collections, the classic elegance and versatility of the pearl serves as the prime inspiration for Lina’s work, which balances innovative contemporary designs with traditional Eastern motifs. By incorporating diamonds, precious and semi-precious stones into her constantly evolving artistic sensitivity, Lina was able to attract many loyal customers.


Lina Muhtadi was born in the beautiful city of Jerusalem and grew up in Ramallah.

I am one of the very lucky people who grew up in Palestine and feel very fortunate to be able to visit at least once a year. I had a lovely childhood there and at the time areas were relatively more accessible. My mother’s family had a large orange grove in Gaza, we used to go there to play and swim. We had so many memorable picnics in the shade of the orange trees. Today, the farm which was 25 acres of full-grown citrus trees was uprooted, and my children have never seen it.

Lina remembers her mother using her hands to sew, knit, cook or make jewelry.

She has always loved creating beautiful things with her hands and this is her gift. When I was a child my mother would sit for hours knitting or baking.

Lina eventually left Palestine to study business in the States. When she returned to the Middle East, she met her husband Wael Ghalayini and moved to Saudi Arabia where he was based. They have three children, Kareem, Samer and Juman. Palestine is a big part of my children’s life and I wanted to preserve it for them. I was even able to get them all residencies so that they can spend their summers in Ramallah. They feel very connected to Palestine.


While Living in Saudi, it wasn’t easy for Lina at the time because women were limited to work in very few professions. “I was busy raising my children but I was determined to work and to feel productive”. It was through her mother Wedad that Lina’s own inspiration came. Her mother discovered her love for jewelry design at a late age. Initially, Lina began helping her mother by marketing her creations and in the process found a passion for jewelry design. She continued her education and received several Gemological Institute of America (GIA) certifications, most notably her Graduate Gemologist.

Each creation is made with pearls and gems hand-selected by me from around the world. The jewelry pieces are then produced by one of the oldest manufacturers of gold in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, under my close supervision.

Together they created ‘Juman Pearls’, which is named after Lina’s only daughter ‘Juman’ and means ‘The perfect pearl’ in Arabic. They opened their showroom in Saudi and 20 years later and today, the business is thriving. A chain of creative beings in one family, Lina’s daughter Juman also has a creative spark and may join the business one day.

Juman Pearls is more than a business – it is a passion for exceptional beauty, passed on from one generation to the next. I want Juman pearls to become a known name in the region and most importantly to reflect the fine work and creativity of Palestinians living in the diaspora.

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