Happy Birthday Canada!

There isn’t a place around the world where Palestinians aren’t making a difference and inspiring people every day, but MOR would like to highlight some Canadian Palestinians, who we should all be proud of – they have gone beyond the ordinary to reach where they are today and are doing great things for their community and for Canada overall.

Surrender to Spirit with Nancy

Nancy Zabaneh is a Palestinian-Canadian pioneer of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual fitness in the Arab world as well as an active Kundalini Yoga Instructor, who is on a quest to heal the region by surrendering to a higher spirit.

Oasis of Peace

Wahat al-Salam Neve Shalom is a cooperative village jointly founded by Israeli Jews and Arabs in an attempt to show that the two peoples can live side by side peacefully, as well as to conduct educational work for peace, equality and understanding between the two peoples.

Never Forget the Nakba

Even 70 years later, May 15th, 1948 denotes stark differences amongst communities. For Palestinians, it is known as the ‘Al-Nakba’ or the catastrophe. As consciousness dawns, the majority of the global community appreciates that healing this scourge is the only route to harmony and civil society. Palestinians in the diaspora talk to MyOliveRoots about what the 'Nakba' means to them.

Lulu cracker

Lulu Gourmet Crackers

Based in New York City, Lubna Abura is a single mother of twins, who never imagined herself in the kitchen making some of the finest za’atar crackers out there. She is now in the midst of expanding her business.

palestine women

Sisters, Martyrs, Mothers

My Olive Roots is a platform dedicated to telling stories that reflect the richness of the culture and heritage of Palestine and diaspora across generations; it’s impossible not to berate the deplorable situation faced today by Palestinian women trapped under illegal Israeli occupation.

Baladi: A Celebration of Food From Land and Sea

Bestselling author of Palestine on a plate, Joudie Kalla’s, shares yet another soulful culinary journey in her latest book ‘Baladi.’ A celebration of Palestinian heritage and identity.

Wujoud Cultural Centre

Wujoud Cultural Center and Museum tells the history of Palestinians from the eighteenth century until the early twentieth century, faithfully showcasing life in Jerusalem during old times and pinpointing its vibrant Christian presence in the Old City.

Juman Pearls

If art propels consciousness, then Juman Pearls designs unique Arabesque pieces inspired by Palestine, deepening the connection that can be had with this priceless land through such craftsmanship.

MENA Catalyst

Ghassan Amayra is the director of MENA Catalyst, a a social enterprise aimed at transforming the entrepreneurship and youth employment landscape in Palestine. Along with a group of talented and committed Palestinians from around the world they are working to build a “Palestinian virtual global economy".

The Olive Season

October marks the start of the Olive Harvest season in Palestine. The olive tree industry is a vital part of Palestinian identity, history and culture and makes up a large percentage of their income and food supply. Since 1967, the olive harvest tradition is in danger by settlers and the IDF soldiers, who attack farmers, destroy trees and steal their olives after they have been collected, making the Palestinian farmers fear for their livelihood.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition

Youssef Sammour, a Palestinian Kiwi who joins the freedom Flotilla Coalition that sails the European seas, spreading awareness and raising funds for the people of Gaza.

Palestine Down Under

Samira Taweel was born in Haifa in 1942.  Raised in a family of seven children, she grew up with very over protective siblings. Now a grandmother, she has been living in Australia since 1958 and reminiscences about her bittersweet past filled with memories of her beloved homeland, Palestine.

Tasting the Sky

Maha reviews this groundbreaking memoir set in Ramallah during the aftermath of the 1967 Six-Day War. The author captures what it is like to be a child whose world is shattered by war, stitching together memories of her childhood: fear and confusion as bombs explode near her home and she is separated from her family; the harshness of life as a Palestinian refugee; her unexpected joy when she discovers Alef. A definite must read says Maha.

My Memories of 1948

Samia Nasir Khoury is a community volunteer who served as national president of the YWCA in Palestine, and as President of the Rawdet  El-Zuhur School in Jerusalem. Samia lives in Jerusalem and was married to the late Yousef Khoury and was fortunate to live and enjoy Palestine before 1948.

July 4 PalStyle BBQ

Summer is the perfect time for family gatherings and outdoor picnics. On the 4th of July, Mai Kakish loves to celebrate being an American with Palestinian Roots with a delicious family BBQ.

Happy Canada Day

There are many things that give me pleasure in being able to say “I am Canadian”. One being how vast and stunning the country is and most importantly, how precious the values Canadians share. The importance of equality, inclusion, democracy, economic security, safety, diversity, openness, sustainability, respect and compassion are what makes us admired around the world and what makes me proud to be Canadian. Happy Birthday Canada!

vegan food

The Plant Revolution

My Olive Roots enjoyed a delicious vegan breakfast with Plant-Based Nutrition Consultant and owner of Wholly Mama Lifestyle Consultancy Company, Amanda Mattar, on "why vegan is in vogue".

iftar meal

Ramadan, Reminiscing and Recipes

Muna reminisces about growing up in Canada. Every meal her family shared together was special. It was also during those beautiful family meals that her father would share interesting stories about his childhood in Palestine. This Ramadan, she hosted a Palestinian ‘iftar’ dinner with some traditional recipes.

Ramadan in Palestine

Like their brethren all over the world, Palestinian Muslims are observing the month of Ramadan. But they also face unique challenges performing their Ramadan duties under Israeli occupation and discrimination. Conflict simmers with the heat, deprivation and restrictions.