Djaj Mahshi

Easy to prepare, chicken stuffed with rice and nuts is a staple dish that is always on offer in Palestine during festive times.

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Banking On Banksy

When it comes to Palestine, Bansky is positioning this dispossessed nation and highlighting its plight in a way that is edgy, compelling and ultra-cool. Not even the slick Israeli…

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Fasoulia Bil Zeit

This simple, time-tested staple dish is made with different beans in different parts of the Middle East. In Palestine it is common to use green runner beans. In Gaza, chili is…

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Sfiha, is an open faced meat pie that is filled with either lamb, onions, tomatoes and tahini. A super satisfying snack that I loved in my lunch box or as an after school snack.…

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Tasty and versatile, these make the perfect appetizers for a large dinner party and a great snack for children. Growing up, I can still recall the mouthwatering aroma of Fatayer…

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Spiced Lamb Roast

The main Christmas festival in Palestine centers round a great family meal. Although what is cooked varies from family to family, offering lamb remains a sign of utmost respect…

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A common dessert amongst countries of the Levant region, this nutritious pudding is usually made to celebrate the birth of a new baby. It is also a common amongst Christian Arabs…

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These traditional festive cookies are served during most holiday get togethers. There are many variations to it but I find that using cornstarch allows the cookie to delicately…

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Salata Na’meh

This traditional Palestinian crunchy salad is a delightful accompaniment to meat and rice dishes. Use whatever vegetables are available in your fridge. Typically eaten throughout…

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Mahshi Kousa Warek

A prized delicacy, stuffed vine leaves take pride of place in every Levantine home during special occasions. In Palestine, tomatoes with lamb chops are often used to enhance the…

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