Tatreez & Tea

Wafa Ghnaim fulfilled her mother's lifelong dream of writing a book titled Tatreez & Tea: Embroidery and Storytelling in the Palestinian Diaspora, entailing information and visuals of Palestinian embroidery designs and traditions. She shares her journey through life and her plans for the future.


Inaash is a Lebanese registered charity dedicated to preserving Palestinian heritage through embroidery, and to providing work opportunities for women embroiderers. Currently over 350 women are engaged in embroidering its superb products, which include jackets, shawls, abayas, clutch bags and other items designed for a global customer base.

Talking Art with Tala

Tala Atrouni's life experiences have driven her to rise above the challenges, and pursue her passion for art. She is now on her way to becoming one of the Middle East most treasured artists.

Kamal Boullata

Kamal Boullata is a treasured Palestinian painter, writer and art historian. In his great work he emphasizes the division in Palestinian identity and living in exile through applying geometric forms as well as integrating of Arabic words and calligraph.

The Yoga Market

Join MOR at the forthcoming Yoga Market on 1st March 2019 at Body Tree Studios. As Abu Dhabi’s fulcrum of Yoga at-its-best, they are also committed to exploring ways through which grassroots events can strengthen the experience of community.

Talking Movies with Waël Kabbani

Waël Kabbani passionately tells his stories through music, film and animation; often combining all three creative mediums in one project and has scored accolades by co-producing award winning and critically acclaimed films globally.

Talking Movies Reel Palestine

Reel Palestine, an annual film festival screening independent and alternative Palestinian films in the UAE. Increasingly anticipated every year by the community, this not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization was founded by Dana Sadek, Nadia Rouchdy and Noora Husseini.


Inspired by Laila Nimry, (X)odus is a project that supports the rebuilding of lives affected by man-caused displacement. Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi women are given the opportunity to flourish by given them the means to craft products influenced by their personal stories. Earning the profits collected by (x)odus, everything is handcrafted by these women, showcasing their fine embroidery and tailoring skills.

Creations of Canava

Lina Elbayya is the creative brainchild behind Canava. A Palestinian jewelry and handbag designer, she proudly creates accessories that preserve Palestinian artistry through her unique and modern designs, upholding the regions precious heritage.

Stand Up With Mo Amer

Mohammed "Mo" Amer is an American stand-up comedian and writer of Palestinian descent. He is best known for his Netflix comedy special "The Vagabond" and his role as one third of the comedy trio of "Allah Made Me Funny".

Hala on Stilts

Hala is an energetic professional who exudes charisma as she mingles with guests and poses for photos from high above the crowd. This ebullient artiste is not only watching us from on high, she is also the creator of many of the beautiful costumes she wears for her performances.

Balcony on the Moon

MOR guest contributor Maha reviews Ibtisam's autobiographical sequel, Balcony on the Moon. This book spans the author's life from 7 years till she graduates high school and deals with her precarious existence under occupation, the traditions of her family, her generation & her society, the injustices inflicted upon Palestinians under occupation in particular, and upon women in general.

Socially Sitti

Sitti soap is a social enterprise, ensuring fair wage employment to refugees through handmade natural olive oil skincare and home items. Founded by Noora Sharrab and Jacqueline Sofia, Sitti maintains its commitment to providing fair wage employment to its all-female staff, as well as offering financial and in-kind support to several beneficiary programs that contribute towards the enterprise’s social mission.

Catching Up with Katie

Katie Miranda is a multifaceted artist/activist living in Portland, Oregon where she has a jewelry and apparel business and does cartoons for Mondoweiss and the Middle East Eye. For an American of Jewish and Christian descent, Katie is more Palestinian than many I’ve met. She speaks passionately about Palestine and the Palestinian people; her art portrays that passion.

Seeking Samia Halaby

With her work has being collected by international institutions worldwide since the 1970’s Palestinian artist, scholar and art historian, Samia Halaby is recognized as a pioneer of contemporary abstraction in the Arab world. A leading abstract painter and scholar of Palestinian art, she has been Influenced by the Soviet avant-garde, working with the conviction that abstraction is based in reality, and has not been properly explored.

Playlist Palestine

For decades young Palestinians have used art as a voice for their community, a platform through which they can narrate their side of the story and share their resilience with the world. One of the forms of art in which that has been the most evident is music, and with each new generation, a new wave of talented musicians and bands take over the Palestinian music scene with their unique identities and diverse sounds. My playlist is somewhat eclectic with different genres of music, all reveling the complexity of  Palestinian identity and traditions. Through  experimental, jazz, pop and rock and folk, these artist attest to the strong memories of a new generation of Palestinians, and as a result the  cultural production is a scared form of resistance that no colonizer can erase.

jamil adas

Waking up the Poet

Jamil Adas (JA) is a Palestinian Canadian who founded The Poetryhood Movement, a platform created for the expression and empowerment of grassroots poetry and visual art. With the movement gaining traction with events held across Dubai inviting poets to strut their poetry on stage, it is now becoming the city's cherished hub for poetry sharing and art collaboration.

Blank Canvas

Sisters Christina and Tanya grew up between Abu Dhabi in Australia, starting Blank Canvas in Australia with 11 others. Having brought BC over to Abu Dhabi in 2016, their philosophy is to focus on the action of releasing expression (journey), rather than the outcome (destination).

Joanna Barakat Art

Joanna Barakat is an American Palestinian artist, born in Jerusalem and raised in California.  She is forging a powerful contemporary Palestinian aesthetic, painting portraits exploring how we interpret our identity. By using alternative forms of communication, combining elements of photography, Palestinian embroidery and street art she challenges collective ideas and stereotypes.