Inspired by Laila Nimry, (X)odus is a project that supports the rebuilding of lives affected by man-caused displacement. Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi women are given the opportunity to flourish by given them the means to craft products influenced by their personal stories. Earning the profits collected by (x)odus, everything is handcrafted by these women, showcasing their fine embroidery and tailoring skills.

Kousa & Mushroom Quiche

I have made omelets and soups with the kousa core and recently this beautiful mushroom zucchini quiche. The blends of cheese, mushrooms and kousa is perfect and its super easy. You’re going to love it.

MENA Catalyst

Ghassan Amayra is the director of MENA Catalyst, a a social enterprise aimed at transforming the entrepreneurship and youth employment landscape in Palestine. Along with a group of talented and committed Palestinians from around the world they are working to build a “Palestinian virtual global economy".

Creations of Canava

Lina Elbayya is the creative brainchild behind Canava. A Palestinian jewelry and handbag designer, she proudly creates accessories that preserve Palestinian artistry through her unique and modern designs, upholding the regions precious heritage.

Maple Spiced Apple Crumble

This version for Maple Spiced Apple Crumble with Levantine spices came to me as I reminisced the cold Autumn months in Toronto

Stand Up With Mo Amer

Mohammed "Mo" Amer is an American stand-up comedian and writer of Palestinian descent. He is best known for his Netflix comedy special "The Vagabond" and his role as one third of the comedy trio of "Allah Made Me Funny".

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

I have wonderful memories of carving out a pumpkin for Halloween and Mom roasting the seeds in the oven for us to snack on. Nature truly has a way of packing in a lot of goodness in tiny packages. Most people throw away the seeds but with a little extra effort, these seeds can be used for wonderful pop-in-the-mouth moments.

The Olive Season

October marks the start of the Olive Harvest season in Palestine. The olive tree industry is a vital part of Palestinian identity, history and culture and makes up a large percentage of their income and food supply. Since 1967, the olive harvest tradition is in danger by settlers and the IDF soldiers, who attack farmers, destroy trees and steal their olives after they have been collected, making the Palestinian farmers fear for their livelihood.

Turkish Coffee & Date Tiramisu

Dina shares her secret Coffee & Date Tiramisu recipe as she explains her love and connection to the medjool dates from Palestine.

Hala on Stilts

Hala is an energetic professional who exudes charisma as she mingles with guests and poses for photos from high above the crowd. This ebullient artiste is not only watching us from on high, she is also the creator of many of the beautiful costumes she wears for her performances.

Balcony on the Moon

MOR guest contributor Maha reviews Ibtisam's autobiographical sequel, Balcony on the Moon. This book spans the author's life from 7 years till she graduates high school and deals with her precarious existence under occupation, the traditions of her family, her generation & her society, the injustices inflicted upon Palestinians under occupation in particular, and upon women in general.


I recently discovered Joudie Kalla’s malfouf recipe from her acclaimed cookbook “Palestine on a Plate”. She combines a beautiful mixture of caraway, oil and garlic that makes these cabbage rolls incredibly addictive. I prepared them for my family and they were a huge hit.

The Freedom Flotilla Coalition

Youssef Sammour, a Palestinian Kiwi who joins the freedom Flotilla Coalition that sails the European seas, spreading awareness and raising funds for the people of Gaza.

Kousa Mahshi

A family favourite, in this recipe, the humble zucchini act as vessels for a special stuffing of spiced rice and ground beef with tomatoes and fresh herbs — and it's gluten and dairy free!

Samak Tajin

Fish with tahini is a common dish along the coast off the Levant region. This delicious recipe for baked fish, is a favorite in my family and adds so much beauty to the dinner table. With a sophisticated blend of nutty tahini, the sweetness of the pomegranates seeds, and the crunch of the pine-nuts, each bite will excite your taste buds.

Socially Sitti

Sitti soap is a social enterprise, ensuring fair wage employment to refugees through handmade natural olive oil skincare and home items. Founded by Noora Sharrab and Jacqueline Sofia, Sitti maintains its commitment to providing fair wage employment to its all-female staff, as well as offering financial and in-kind support to several beneficiary programs that contribute towards the enterprise’s social mission.

Apple Cinnamon Baklawa

Baklava is a rich, sweet dessert pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and sweetened and held together with syrup or honey. Its origins go back to the Ottoman rule but it can be found throughout the Levant region. This is not your traditional recipe, and I discovered it a while ago. It still maintains its crunchy yet velvety heavenly layers of buttery flakes and flavored nuts with a touch of crisp apples.

Catching Up with Katie

Katie Miranda is a multifaceted artist/activist living in Portland, Oregon where she has a jewelry and apparel business and does cartoons for Mondoweiss and the Middle East Eye. For an American of Jewish and Christian descent, Katie is more Palestinian than many I’ve met. She speaks passionately about Palestine and the Palestinian people; her art portrays that passion.

Sayadieh Samak

Sayadieh Samak is a sensational dish from the Eastern coast of the Mediterranean, specifically the Levant region. Savoury rice is cooked with fish, fried onions and fragrant spices, then garnished with caramelized onions and toasted nuts. Simply heaven in your mouth!

Seeking Samia Halaby

With her work has being collected by international institutions worldwide since the 1970’s Palestinian artist, scholar and art historian, Samia Halaby is recognized as a pioneer of contemporary abstraction in the Arab world. A leading abstract painter and scholar of Palestinian art, she has been Influenced by the Soviet avant-garde, working with the conviction that abstraction is based in reality, and has not been properly explored.